We work with freelancers and in partnership with other organisations on a regular basis, and we hope to grow our core team as our organisation grows. For now, our core team is the two directors of LEx Scotland, Maddi and Sumar.

Our team

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Maddi Cassell


Director & Lived Experience consultant and trainer

Maddi is autistic, ADHD, disabled and queer and brings this lived expertise to help organisations, individuals and communities to value lived expertise and embed lived experience leadership in their work. This deep personal understanding of marginalised people and communities fuels their passion for harnessing lived expertise to drive societal, systemic and organisational change. At the heart of all their work are principles of co-production, cooperation and collaborative working, ensuring that marginalised voices and organisations can work together to lead change.

With over two decades of experience, Maddi has designed and delivered impactful programmes, strategy design, and training aimed at including lived experience voices at the centre of organisational decision-making processes. Their approach blends lived experience, transformative EDI practices, and co-production offering a nuanced and innovative approach that enriches policy and practice and centres on culture change and organisational transformation. Through engagement with major UK and national charities, as well as governments and public sector clients, Maddi has partnered with boards and leaders with bold ambitions and who are looking for a radical way to reimagine the workplace in an inclusive way that embeds lived experience into workplace practice. Core to their approach is co-designing and co-producing in partnership with lived expertise to not only embrace EDI but also deeply integrate lived experience leadership into organisational strategies, programmes, and service delivery.

Maddi’s work extends to enhancing organisational accessibility and inclusion, from recruitment processes to volunteer engagement and communication strategies. By centring lived expertise through inclusive and collaborative processes, organisations can ensure that services are aligned to and prioritise the needs of the people they serve and build a more equitable future. 

Previous work has included:

  • Establishing and supporting Lived Experience panels working with a variety of organisations including Disabled People’s organisations, charities & Scottish Government
  • Supporting boards and leadership teams to develop and co-design strategies for EDI & lived experience engagement & leadership, embedding Lived Experience and EDI in organisational strategy and delivery plans
  • Advising organisations on accessibility and inclusion for recruitment, volunteering, communications, training and event delivery
  • Designing and delivering campaigns and volunteer leadership training for lived experience campaigners
  • Designing and delivering training for organisations and senior leaders to better engage with and support lived-experience campaigners, staff and volunteersDesigning and delivering workshops for professionals & volunteers in co-production, inclusive facilitation and impact evaluation
  • Consultancy for a wide range of third sector organisations in inclusive recruitment and retention, increasing board and leadership diversity, and developing inclusive policies and practices for staff
  • Setting up and supporting networks for lived experience-led peer learning and support and staff and volunteer Diversity Networks
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Sumar Williams


Director & Lived Experience consultant and trainer

As a disabled and multiply neurodivergent (Autistic ADHDer+) Lived Experience Trainer & Consultant, Sumar brings a unique blend of professional knowledge and personal lived experience. She is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of communities she serves. Drawing upon her background in psychology and education, as well as her intersectional lived expertise, Sumar aims to lift the voices of those with lived experience of marginalisation.

With Sumar’s expertise and unwavering dedication, LEx Scotland aims to create a more inclusive and equitable society by empowering individuals with lived experience of marginalisation to develop the skills and confidence needed to affect meaningful change. Through her background in neurodiversity advocacy, she brings a wide range of perspectives and an understanding of the barriers and challenges faced by marginalised communities. She also brings lived expertise and specialist knowledge to training and workshops for a wide range of clients and stakeholders and helps them to listen to and understand voices of lived experience. 

Sumar designs and delivers bespoke learning and development programs for organisations, professionals and marginalised individuals with a focus on Disability Acceptance, Neurodivergency Acceptance, and Autism Inclusion. She also provides lived experience-led advice and support to organisations on inclusivity and accessibility, with a focus on neurodivergent voices. At the heart of her work, inclusively facilitated workshops and peer networks to empower marginalised people and communities to promote lived experience leadership.


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Raj Jeyaraj


Associate Freelancer

As a new Scot with a Sri Lankan Filipino Malaysian heritage, Raj’s understanding of intersectionality stems from his lived experiences growing up in a multi-faith, multicultural environment, giving him invaluable insights into oppression, privilege, and the critical importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping equitable organisations.

Raj’s passion for EDI is not just professional; it’s personal. His lived experiences have given him a unique perspective on the complexities of social inequity, driving his mission to champion inclusivity at every level. At LEx Scotland, Raj applies his passion for EDI to promote Lived Experience Leadership as a strategic driver for organisational and societal transformation. He  brings 12 years experience of consulting with 20+ organisations, including intersectional communities up to 127,000 people, and organisations with revenues of £1-6 million. He specialises in strategy, business operations, and change management within the EDI, education, and third sectors. His work underscores the belief that embracing diverse voices enriches decision-making processes and is essential for creating meaningful, lasting change.

Raj’s strategic ability is clear in his approach to addressing systemic challenges for organisations and communities. He leverages his expertise to enhance LEx Scotland’s mission and impact and to drive Scotland’s lived experience leadership movement. His approach focuses on a people-first culture, demonstrating that agility and resilience stem from genuinely inclusive practices. He brings a drive to empower people with lived experiences of marginalisation, ensuring they are part of decisions and policies that affect them. Raj designs initiatives to dismantle barriers, foster leadership, and promote equitable participation. 

He delivers workshops, consultancy, change management, and strategic initiatives incorporating lived experience leadership into an embedded aspect of daily operations, not just a siloed initiative, which sets a new standard for EDI practices across sectors. He partners with leaders and boards to navigate change and conflict, define their sectors, and build systemic change. Raj values collaboration, strategic innovation, and shared narratives to build stronger, more inclusive communities. His work with LEx Scotland is not just about consulting; it’s about inspiring a movement towards a more just and equitable world for all.

LEx Scotland CIC is a registered Community Interest Company Reg. No. SC778431