At LEx Scotland, we are passionate about empowering people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have experienced social injustice and marginalisation. Our vision is to unite individuals and communities, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to shape their lives and make real decisions about their futures.

We strongly believe that Lived Experience Leadership is crucial for bringing about meaningful change. We understand that everyone has the right to be involved in decision-making processes that affect their lives. By valuing and incorporating lived experience, we can make better social and political decisions. We also firmly believe that people with lived experience of marginalisation should be taking lead roles in decision-making and that lived expertise is as valuable as professional experience. This means not just listening to lived experience, but also providing the support for people with lived experience to develop leadership skills and have the opportunity to take on leadership roles.

We work collaboratively and in partnership with organisations, groups, and individuals to create tailored workshops, strategies, and plans that meet specific needs. Our goal is to support the growing Lived Experience movement and build spaces and networks that foster collaboration and leadership driven by lived experience voices.

Our team is skilled in designing workshops, training and events for both individuals and organisations, focusing on lived experience to improve decision-making and collaboration. We offer consultancy services for strategy, policies and planning, with a special focus on embedding lived experience into the process.

At LEx Scotland, we are committed to making our services accessible to all. We operate on a sliding scale for our workshops and consultancy services, adjusting fees based on the annual turnover of the organisation we collaborate with. We also work in partnership with grassroots and larger organisations to develop co-produced and collaborative projects. At LEx Scotland, we are dedicated to fostering inclusive practices and promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). This includes making our work as inclusive and accessible as possible.

What we do

Promoting the Value of Lived Experience and Lived Experience Leadership

LEx Scotland aims to advocate for and promote the value of lived expertise across the third, public and private sectors at every opportunity. We speak to organisations and at conferences promoting the value of Lived Experience Leadership and genuine lived experience engagement. We participate in groups and alliances aiming to influence Scottish Government and wider public sector policies and practices so that people with lived experience of marginalisation are at the heart of decision-making. We support those with lived experience of social injustice to ensure their voices are heard in these spaces.

Working with Lived Experience Leaders

  • We provide workshops and resources for people with lived experience, empowering them to effect change in their lives and communities. These include collaborative working and facilitation training, developing leadership and campaigning skills, and how to stay safe and be effective when using lived expertise. All our work is led and co-produced by people with lived experience.
  • We offer networks, support, and opportunities for Lived Experience Leaders through facilitating platforms, running events and training. This could include facilitating peer networking and support, skills-sharing, and hosting online spaces.
  • We support individuals and communities with lived experience of social injustice to connect, learn from each other, and drive change together. This could range from supporting a local group to facilitate meetings, through to our work supporting members of Lived Experience Panels advising on Scottish Government policy.

Working with organisations

  • We embed and support Lived Experience Leadership within organisations, providing support for staff & volunteers with lived experience of marginalisation to develop their leadership skills. We provide consultancy services to organisations, helping them embed Lived Experience Leadership into their strategies and plans. This could include developing inclusive training, setting up Staff and Volunteer Diversity networks and embedding lived experience in staff development and recruitment strategy and processes. We also work with boards to ensure diverse representation and inclusive practices.
  • We offer workshops to organisations and teams to improve their understanding and engagement with lived experience perspectives. We offer disability and neurodiversity awareness training, inclusive facilitation, and workshops on consensus decision-making to create a more inclusive world.
  • We support organisations to develop genuinely inclusive and lived experience-led strategies and practices when engaging with people with lived experience of marginalisation. This could include facilitating co-production, supporting development of consultation groups and networks, and providing facilitation and other support for lived experience panels and advisory groups.
  • We assist organisations with EDI strategies, plans and reviews, inclusive recruitment, and creating inclusive strategies, policies and practices. This can include board, volunteer and staff EDI and can be combined with our lived experience-led training.
  • We seek to work with researchers and develop an understanding of the challenges and best practices, using an evidence-based approach with good quality lived experience-led research. We support researchers to develop inclusive and diverse lived experience engagement and leadership in their research. We also look to learn from all our work and develop and share learning from our work with others wherever we can.

Contact details

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