At LEx Scotland, we are passionate about empowering people from diverse backgrounds and cultures with lived experience of social injustice and marginalisation. We are committed to finding innovative and radical approaches for co-creating transformative change.

Lived Experience Leaders

“Change-makers, innovators and leaders who have activated their lived expertise to inform, shape and lead their social purpose work (often in combination with their learned and practice experience) to directly benefit the communities they share those experiences with.”

Lived Experience Knowledge

“Perspectives, insights, and understanding gathered through lived experience.”

What we do

Lived Experience Leadership is crucial for bringing about meaningful change, which is why it is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that everyone has the right to be involved in decision-making processes that affect their lives. We recognise that lived expertise is a vital leadership skill and should be valued alongside professional expertise. This means not only listening to lived experience voices, but also providing the support for people with lived experience to develop leadership skills and have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in organisations, communities, and public life. 

Our model offers a real and practical way forward for tackling issues of marginalisation and empowerment. We are part of the growing Lived Experience movement, building spaces and networks that foster collaboration and leadership driven by lived experience voices. Our innovative approach focuses on co-production and collaborative methods. By recognising intersectional identities and challenges, we value the unique lived expertise of everyone we work with by centring lived experience voices and lived experience-led decision making. 

We work with organisations and public bodies through our consultancy services to help them co-create strategies, policies and learning and development programmes, always putting lived expertise at the centre. Our unique collaborative approach enables us to meet the specific needs of our partners. We also work with organisations to help them develop sustainable ways of embedding lived expertise and lived experience engagement in their work.

Our work with individuals and communities reflects our core values. We work in partnership with marginalised people to develop their skills, knowledge, and confidence to bring about change in their own communities and wider society. Through leadership development programmes, networks and skills-focused workshops, we support them to become leaders that are capable of bringing about transformational changes. All of this is achieved through our collaborative and partnership approaches which creates the potential for sustainable and radical change.

At LEx Scotland, we are committed to making our services accessible to all. We operate on a sliding scale for our workshops and consultancy services, adjusting fees based on the annual turnover of the organisation we collaborate with. We also work in partnership with grassroots and larger organisations to develop co-produced and collaborative projects. At LEx Scotland, we are dedicated to fostering inclusive practices and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). This includes making everything we do as inclusive and accessible as possible.

LEx Scotland CIC is a registered Community Interest Company Reg. No. SC778431